My goal has always been to help as many people as possible overcome their greatest challenges in life, and guide them back on the track of what they are most passion about.

Since 2004 I have been working with both athletes and ordinary people in my clinic for sport injury. In addition to sports injury therapy, a great deal of my work has also covered mental training that sometimes meant a profound and life-changing practice. In basic move people from one place to another and thus make the most of their individual situation and thereby improve their performance


In 2008 I began my specialization in nutrition as the demand of supporting training and practice with correct nutrition intake increased. In addition, the clinic experienced an increasing demand from people with overweight who wanted help to lose weight.

Ever since, the clinic has helped several people to bring our ad achieve the best of themselves.

DeCiTo was founded in 2017 and the name is a recast of the words Decisions, Circumstance and Tools. Three very important concepts to master whenever life changes are initiated.

The purpose of DeCiTo is to transfer most of the services the clinic performs to online courses.     

My personal qualifications are beside more than 15 years of experiences in my clinic, educations as sports injury therapist and life-coach. Beside this I also hold a bachelor in nutrition and health and master of sciences in public health.

I look forward to help you!

Best regards

Eva Sandberg


Address: Stationsvej 11,1
DK-5690 Tommerup

CVR: 27992978


Email: info@decito.com
Phone: +45 60 14 23 34

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