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Achieve lasting weight loss



DeCiTo is a weight loss program designed to give you the tools for lasting weight loss - forever!

Sign up today and get started right away - we help and support you all the way!


the way to a serious weight loss


The DeCiTo program is designed to follow your personal weight loss.

You should shoose DeCiTo if you:


- have tried a countless of diets

- have gain all the weight again afterwards or maybe even more

- have had difficulties following a diet

- want to lose weight in a healthy and serious way

- need motivation and guidance

Online programs!



Weight loss programs designed to weight loss between 10 to 60 pounds.

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Online weight loss



Get a personal program and loose weight on your terms.

We help you all the way!

1. email consulting for FREE!



Get your first email consulting for free. ,.,.

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Free online consultation!


Get a free online consultation on email, so we can find the best way to help you.


The DeCiTo program is designed to take you personal needs into account. Do not hesitate - sign up today!


Velcome to your personal weight loss program


DeCiTo is desined to take your personal needs into account.

The program gives you the tools you need, in order to loose weight for good.



The DeCiTo program is developed by Eva Mosberg, who over the past ten years has helped obese people achieve lasting weight loss.


A weight loss process can be a major challenge for both the person loosing weight, but also for the surrounding world. Many people start a diet without having the right tools to work with, and they fail already after a couple of days. Some experience to succeed with the diet, but gain all the weright back again afterwards. This is super frustrating and for some the result is an uncontrolable jojo weight.

The DeCiTo program gives you the tools to succeed. The program is personal, and the tools helps you finally to gain control of your weight.







DeCiTo standard


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  • First email consultationfor free


  • DeCiTo tool box (print version)


  • Personal diet plan.


  • 2 x follow-up on email




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  • First email consultation for free


  • DeCiTo tool box (print version)


  • Personal diet plan


  • 8 x follow-up on email





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by/ Eva Mosberg

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