About DeCiTo

About the DeCiTo program


DeCiTo is a personal weight loss program, designed to provide you with the tools you need to achieve a successful weight loss.

01 Goal setting


The DeCiTo program helps you setting the right and realistic goals for your weight loss.


02 Planning


The DeCiTo program helps you plan your weight loss. Any success starts with a good plan!



03 Diet plan


The DeCiTo program contains a personal diet plan that ensures a healthy and secure weight loss.


04 Motivation


The DeCiTo program contains different tools in order to help you keep the motivation during your weight loss.


05 Insight


The DeCiTo program gives your insight and knowledge of nutritional science, that helps you to gain a better understanding of you and your diet.


06 Healthy


The DeCiTo program provides you with tools to begin a healthy life with more joy and energy.





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Welcome to the DeCiTo program




My name is Eva Mosberg. I live in Tommerup in Denmark and have beeen working with obese people for many years.


I have a Bachelor in Nutrition and Health, specializing in health promotion, prevention and dissemination. Furthermore I have a candidate in Public Health.


Through my work with obese people and people who wants to lose weight, I have learned, that often is ist the diet plan that chanllenges, but more the lack of tools to succeed when the everyday comes up. I believe that is the reason why so many people do not succeed when the go on diet.


Based on this experience, I have developed the DeCiTo program. It is a program designed to provide you with all the tools you need to carry out a weight loss, but you can do it at home instead.


The consultings are online and you do the program whenever you have the time.


I look forward to helping you!

Eva Mosberg

Bachelor Nutrition and Health

Cand Scient San Publ





Address: Teglhøjen 73, DK-5690 Tommerup

Telephone:+45 60 14 23 34

Email: info@decito.com



by/ Eva Mosberg

CVR nr.: 27 99 29 78



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